The Amateur President

News reports say we don’t know what to expect from Donald Trump’s presidency, since he has no experience (and therefore no track record) in government. This ignores his track record in business, which tells us a lot about what to expect.  Basically, in business, Donald Trump is an SOB.  He is cruel, selfish, and fraudulent. He is an expert at bankruptcy – that is, he knows how to drive a company bankrupt and still personally make a lot of money for himself.  That will probably be his style as president.
Politicians on the right often say they want to see the government run like a business.  That is patently silly, and even those politicians know it, but now we may get to see what that would be like.
This does not take away from the fact that Donald Trump will be The Amateur President.  He doesn’t know what he is doing, he won’t know what to do.  He is relying on others that have more experience, and they will help him shape his presidency.
If, that is, he even makes it there.  I expect that Trump will not finish his first term, and he may not even get to start it.  Although there is almost no chance that Faithless Electors will put Hillary Clinton in the White House, there is a real chance that some will choose to “vote for” some other  Republican.  There is a fair chance that the election could be thrown into the Congress, if enough Faithless Electors deny Trump and reduce his Electoral College count below 270.  In that case, we will probably have President Pence.
If Trump does take office, it is highly likely that he will do something that will trigger an impeachment. The existing Republican power structure and the Establishment that backs them will tire of Trump and also see his real danger, and the impeachment will go through.  Again, that would leave us with President Pence.

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