Corporations Are Zombies

1. They are brainless creatures that are destructive and dangerous, motivated and guided only by their selfish desperate needs for brains (money) to survive, and will do anything, even kill, to acquire those resources (money).  They have no soul, no compassion, no compunction.  They have no feeling for human beings and their needs.  They are driven by the profit motive only, and anything that threatens their profits is an enemy that needs to be defeated or eliminated.

2. They are a fiction, like zombies.  They are a creation of human imagination. We made them up.  They provide a handy cover for the actions of real human beings.  Corporations never do anything; they can’t, they have no hands or mouths or eyes or brains – or hearts.   All actions that are supposedly taken by corporations are really taken by real human beings – people – who are part of the group called a corporation.  If a corporation lies, or cheats, or commits fraud; if a corporation releases a defective or dangerous product, if a corporation sells food that is unhealthy or financial instruments that are worthless, it is the people who made the decisions who are really responsible.

3. They really do want your brains.  If you work for a corporation, they want you to give up your independent judgement and put all your efforts into making more money for the corporation.

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