FEMA, We Have An Emergency: Homelessness

When there is a natural disaster – a fire, a flood, an emergency – the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) comes in and helps the victims of the emergency. Well, we have a homeless emergency. We need to help the people who are most affected by the homeless emergency, that is, the people who are homeless. FEMA or some other government agency should come in and help these people get temporary housing, just the way we do after a natural disaster. FEMA should help them collect their belongings and recover as much as they can. We should give them government assistance to find new housing and supportive assistance for all that they have lost.

Homeless people are not the problem. The people who have to look at what they consider piles of trash along the highway are not the victims. The problem is homelessness, which is an economic problem, an economic disaster. Homeless people are the victims of that problem. We should help them.

© 2021 Bruce Merchant

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