Investing in Energy

We have a great economic opportunity in responding to climate change by advancing technology and investing in technologies that address sustainable energy production and reduced waste.

Products and services that address these opportunities will be in high demand, and will be supported by advanced technological approaches and both pure and practical research.  Investment in advanced and advancing technology can only lead to success.

Some countries, some regions, some economies will invest in and support the research and development to address these problems, which is why California will continue to lead this country.  Some others already are: China is the largest producer and also the largest installer of solar panels, and has taken the lead in reducing plastic pollution.

However, investments in advancing technology must be fact-based and scientifically directed. Putting politics in it can only block progress (“fake news”) or lead in the wrong direction (e.g. Solera).  Horse breeders no doubt resisted the automobile; railroads resisted improved roads that allowed shipping by truck.  Both attempted to use politics to hold back advancement.

For the past 50 years, American politics, driven by corporate power and entrenched industries, has delayed and blocked investment in advanced power generation technologies.  This has weakened the US, along with the rest of the “developed” world which is also under the control of these legacy technologies and the established, “conservative”, self-protecting corporate powers.  The United States needs to put politics to the side and move forward on these technologies.

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