God didn’t create us. Evolution created us.
But evolution is one expression of the life force that underlies everything. Call it what you will – God, spirit, pure being, creative intelligence, the life force – it is expressed in many ways that explore and populate every corner of the universe. Evolution is one way this operates in the plant and animal kingdoms, continually creating diversity to take advantage of all different aspects of the environment, to fill and fulfill every niche and every condition. Evolution is not about succeeding and being comfortable in whatever environment the organism finds itself it; it’s about exploring and adapting to an environment that is uncomfortable.
This force operates in what we call the inanimate world too, continually creating more complex physical patterns and diverse relationships.
And our human mind is driven by this same force for diversity – complexification – continually exploring new relationships and “artificial” human-made forces, objects, and operations.
Life has its whiskers out, to explore all possibilities.

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